Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thanks to Mayor Irene Faseyi, 2013 - 2014

We would like to thank Cllr Irene Faseyi and the Crewe Town Council for their support during her term as Mayor of Crewe.
It has been wonderful to feel a part of our community and witnessing all the hard work Irene has put into restoring civic pride, and we can only hope we have contributed in some small way.

Mayor Making Ceremony, Crewe, May 2014

Once again, it was an honour to take the photos for the Mayor Making Ceremony, seeing the badge of office being passed from Cllr Irene Faseyi to Cllr Pam Minshull.

The Nantwich Jazz, Blues & Music Festival, April 2014

The Nantaich Jazz, Blues & Music Festival speaks to the core of what Phileas Photography is all about; capturing the spirit of the event. It is an exhausting gauntlet of acts for four days straight and we wouldn't miss it for the world. Brilliant.

Parent Carer Day, Knutsford, March 2014

We were invited to Knutsford to do another workshop. It went very well and was a great success.As this is now becoming a regular part of our year. we are going to come up with alternative ideas to keep the workshopfresh for next time.

The Cat Crewe & Nantwich Community Awards, Nantwich, February 2014

This is the third year The Cat Community Radio has hosted this event, which recognises those who contribute to their community as well as giving them a nice evening of fun and entertainment.

The Opening Of Sandbach Hall, Sandbach, February 2014

Continuing work with local councils, it was Sandbach Town Council who wanted photographs of the opening of their newly refurbished Town Hall. It was a pleasure to work with them.

The Mayor's Ball, Crewe Hall, Crewe, February 2014

Having worked with Mayor Irene Faseyi in the past, it was an honour to take photographs for her Ball at Crewe Hall. It was fun to learn the term "chain gang", used for a collection of Mayors!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Crewe Christmas Lights Switch On, November 2013

We love getting involved with our local community events and the lights switch on was no different. It was great working with Crewe Town Council.

Remembrance Service, Crewe Town Centre, November 2013

This was the third occasion we took pictures on behalf of the Crewe Chronicle. It was important to capture the mood and atmosphere.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Home & Cook Online Catalogue Images, October 2013

Through a previous client, we were put in touch with Home Cook Online, a business based in Nantwich. The owner wanted to have photos of his product for a catalogue he was producing and we rose to the challenge.

Photography Workshop, Parent Carers Day, October 2013

After doing some work for The Princess Royal Trust, we were invited to give a talk on photography at their Parent/Carer Day. It was very well received and a lot of fun to put together.

Promotional Portraits for Stage Fright, Ellesmere Port, September 2013

In September, we worked with Jude Theatre and Stage Fright to produce images for their poster to be displayed in town. This was a different direction, as it required portraits of the actors as well as altering the background to place them in an outdoor environment. It was an interesting learning experience and worked well in the finished poster

The Cat Community Radio, The Nantwich Show, August 2013

Working with The Cat Community Radio has been a real bonus in getting to meet other clients as well as improve skills by trying new ideas at their events. At the Nantwich Show, they were broadcasting live and despite the bad weather, was a lot of fun to photograph.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Launch of Charity Calendar for Diabetes UK, Crewe - August 2013

Pickles Pics is another photography business who hired us to cover their calendar launch. Held at the Crewe Alexandra Stadium, it was good to take photos of people enjoying themselves, and really playing with lighting in a large room.

Crewe Play Day, Queens Park, Crewe - August 2013

Crewe Play Day was a return to the beginning. Beech Drive Project, who organised the day, were the ones who gave me my first event to photograph, and it was fun to relax and take images that really capture the day.

Total Access Live, Betley Court Farm - August 2013

I was so glad we had the Status Quo concert to learn the rules, because this was the high speed version. With so many acts, we had only three minutes per act to take the pictures. There were a lot more photographers to work with and very little time to rest. It was a thrilling experience, with the added bonus of bumping into these popular groups and singers. It was also important to capture the crowds reaction. Truly amazing!